Thursday, January 1, 2009

Any one out there?

So, I am just starting my own business, kinda. I started making jewelry and thought, ya know, I might need to sell some of this so I can buy new stuff!! Seemed like a good idea at the time. A lot harder than I expected. You have to advertise, advertise, advertise! There is so much competition for jewelry too!! It seems I will be lucky if I get a sale! I sold one on Craig's List! Someone told me to do a blog. I must be really out of it! Does anyone ever read these things? What do people write in their blogs? Can you really advertise a business in a blog? What else can you do? I got on twitter. Seems like shouting into outer space. Moves too fast. So here I am rambling on with the high probability no one will read this. I did the myspace thing too, Not much going on there. So as I struggle to get my name out there hopefully you can help me out and check out my sites.
Didn't think so. will be coming soon, hopefully, once I figure out how to build it!!

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