Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stupid Crazy Cold!

So, I hear last night that the kids wouldn't have school today! I think to myself, it is supposed to snow or blizzard or something. No. It's just going to be -4 degrees. And that will be the high!! I leave for work this morning and it is -17degrees. My car threw fits when I went to start it! At least it did start after a short protest! I get to work and hear reports of several call ins because cars won't start. Why couldn't my car not start???!! :(( Any way. I get a call from my mom who lives in New Mexico. She said every time she hates the weather out there she hears what it's doing hear and she doesn't feel so bad. Whatever! She asked how cold it was right now. I said it's 8 below stupid! Worst weather in 40 years they say. Great. I've lived hear for 14 years and every year I ask why I am still hear. Oh yeah. Cuz my ex won't let me leave the state with our children! :((
Winter Frost Bracelet. If only outside looked as pretty!

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